Those crazy kids

It’s been awhile since we’ve written, and we apologize, but we’ve been busy. Beth and Kevin have completed work on a new show about which we’re very excited. The show packs a dozen performance and participation pieces into 45 minutes, leaving time for the children to ask questions about instruments, movement and why Beth keeps changing her shoes. We’re taking the show to preschools, elementary schools and libraries, and the reaction has been great. It’s amazing to see the kids eyes open wide when they realize that they are carrying around all the instruments they need to make a rainstorm, or that household objects can become a orchestra in their hands. They watch traditional waltz clog movement performed in wooden shoes to nontraditional music played on an electronic TrapKat. They jump up and catch scarves floating through the air or sway side-to-side to an island-inspired tune. And they ask the important questions, like, “When did you start dancing?” (answer: 5) and “How many instruments do you play, anyway?” (answer: more than you have fingers and toes).

Here’s one clip we hope you’ll like. It includes a bit of humor, always a good thing for capturing the attention of squirmy toddlers. If you’d like to book us, please click our contacts page. And we hope to see you at one of our shows soon!

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