What’s in a name?

When we met in February, one thing we had to decide was the main character’s name. We had the sister’s name — Skylar — so we needed a name that wasn’t too plain or had too many syllables. Since this is a kids’ show, and we hope to have some kid actors (who also have to go to school), an androgynous name would allow us to have more than one child actor in rotation without having to change the script. So, what should it be?

Lindsey and Ashley? Both are male names that are now too commonly associated with girls. Scratch.

Lynn? Lee? Scratch. Scratch.

Pat? Scratch.

How about Sam? A strong name, still commonly associated with boys and girls. A single syllable, but one that matches nicely with Skylar. Could Sam be the winner? We’ll see … we’re sticking it in the script for the first read-through tomorrow. We’ll eat lasagna, quiche, salad and proposal cake.

I’m so excited. We’ll let you know how it goes.

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